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Just a quick note to let you know that I'm still lurking around, reading your posts, laughing at your comments and secretly watching you through your bedroom window as you undress for bed but too tired to actually participate. Classes just started and I'm already dead on my feet, but the good news is that I understand what my teachers are saying. For the most part. When it isn't 8pm.

As for Supernatural related matters, yesterday I dreamt that Jensen showed up during one of my classes and I was all "Man, am I glad I picked this course", except halfway through I remembered we already knew each other and I'd stopped talking to him because his friend had cheated on me at some point. And then I was all, "Man, there's no way I can mention meeting Jensen in LJ if I don't explain this part, and people will never believe me and I'll be thrown out of fandom like a 14 year old Mary-Sue writer."

So, a poll, if you will:

Poll #836122 Jensen's cheater friend

Which friend of Jensen cheated on me, the sneaky bastard?

Jared! Because you know the reason you won't talk to Jensen anymore is because you caught them fucking in a trailer.
Christian Kane. What other friends does Jensen have, really?
Bruce Jennings. They had Algebra together in high school.
Chad Michael Murray, because God hates you.

Whatever the answer is, I obviously have issues. Or maybe I'm spending to much time thinking about and doing things for the online wincon (coming soon to a community near you!)
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blabity blabata

I have new glasses! My old ones were thin, deep purple rim ones, and the new ones are thick plastic dark with see-through pink on the sides. They feel impossibly heavy on my nose (definitely keeping the old ones for when I have a cold) and after a few hours I'm still seeing the pink, but they're new! And shiny! And pretty!

And while I'm talking about rl, enrollment was hell -- I got there half an hour after I was supposed to because of a stupid accident on the highway, then spent ten minutes finding my way in the gigantic ugly buildings (thank God classes won't actually be there), and then I waited for half an hour only to be told by Bitchy Employee 1 that I wasn't supposed to be there. And when I finally found the "right" place? I was told by Bitchy Employee 2 and her friend BE3 that I should enroll with BE1. There was much gnashing of teeth and pleading eyes that it was all BE1's fault and I was on their side and could we please do this here? and now? please? and after BE3 went to yell at BE1 (because BE2 was all "But I don't want to yell at heeeeeeer", proving she's both bitchy and a coward), BE2 agreed to enroll me. One hour later and I was 450 euros short and had a brand new plastic student card, and two and a half hours later I was finally back home. Man, I knew there was a reason I always took the train to Paris.

And to make matters worse? I didn't get to see castalie. *sniffle*

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For ericaplease, here's another Collapse ): yousendit, 9.5 mb

Close to Home: there were about two minutes worth of Christian Kane in Wednesday's episode, and not one of them featured a baby. Am immensely disappointed. OTOH, he was in the last shot of the closing credits, like somehow TPTB knew the only thing that'd make us come back to this show would be if our last glimpse of it involved CK. Good job, tptb.

insta thoughts

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More about it later; I need to let my brain rest for a while and possibly watch it again before I'm ready to put my thoughts together. Not reading anyone else's thoughts about it in the meantime, so, not ignoring you lot, just staying away for a few hours.

And man, anyone knows what happened to lexslave? That's two of my friends who've deleted their journals in three days.

ETA: I've made a few clips for those who don't want to bother with the big download but would like a few scenes; avi, small files. Collapse )

Feel free to ask for more scenes if you want.

LJ lesson #67: bolding makes entries look prettier

Reason #46 why I should never do anything without my glasses, ever: I almost put shaving cream on my face instead of moisturizer.

1. Enrollment's scheduled for tomorrow morning, which sucks beyond reason because I'd really like to spend the last five days (dude, five days? Where the hell did September go?) sleeping in before I have to start getting up at six in the freaking morning. And another thing I'd enjoy? Would be keeping those 700 euros in my bank account a little longer -- I know I shouldn't bitch about it considering what you need to pay for higher education in most countries, but dude: 700 euros. What happened to all that "free education" bullshit? *grumbles*

2. I remember when I first found my way to fandom (which mostly involved a lot of lurking back then) about seven years ago, not a day would go by that someone didn't post an anti-slash flame, a rant about how slash wasn't "real fiction", an argument about whether slash was anything other than porn, etc. And I remember when I got into RPS, about five years ago, those same argument and rants and flame wars about it.

Now? I have to go to Fandom Wank to find such things, and even there it's not such an usual occurence. I'm not naive enough to think they don't exist anymore, but I can't help wondering if I simply don't witness them because LJ gives me the ability to filter most of the things I don't want to see in fandom (something that was much harder to do in mailing lists or newsgroups), or/and if there aren't as many as there used to be, simply because slash has become too huge a part of fandom, as RPS is becoming today.

Which makes me wonder: are there still het and gen fandoms out there? And by this I mean, non-rare fandoms based on TV shows/movies where het pairings are more usual than slash ones and where we can find fics in other places than, where enough stories are well written and where we find the same events we do in other fandoms (challenges, cons, dozens of various communities...)? Because most of the het fics I read today are written as this cool, different thing, while slash has become the norm in so many places. Take SPN, for instance: it's not rare to find a non-Wincest fic where one of the boys has experience/a relationship/is interested by men and it's a total non-event, just a random part of the story the same way the mention of a previous relationship with a girl would be.

I don't know where I'm going with this (probably nowhere, considering I slept about ten hours since Monday), but this hit me suddenly, and now I'm trying to figure out if this is just me, my own experience probably due to the fact that I mostly read slash and RPS, or if things are actually different than they were not-that-long ago.

3. So the Mona Lisa is a mom? I always thought she looked more... superior than happy, a sort of 'You know I'm better than you' smirk, but what the hell do I know? Random tidbit about the Mona Lisa: my father was friend with The Louvre's curator's son about thirty years ago, and the real painting? Isn't the one exposed, but is stored away somewhere in a secure backroom. Or at least it was thirty years ago -- this may have changed with other curators.

4. Am all "meh" about SPN starting tomorrow. Not that I'm not happy about it, but since I caught up with the second half of the season barely a month ago and have read every single spoiler out there, it doesn't feel like such an event.

5. I have about 80 unanswered emails in my inbox, a third of it comments or answers to comments. I swear I will not just delete and forget about them, but it feels too big a task to get to now. Sorry.

Hmm, anyone knows what happened to girl_wonder?

warning: boring random shit ahead

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So everyone on my flist is being "OMG I LOVE X SHOW! *draws little hearts*" or, "Oh, Y Show, how you've disappointed me tonight. *shakes head sadly*", and I feel completely out of it, because half of those I've never even heard of, and the other half I'm stuck about four seasons behind. But, for the record, here's my stance on most of the ones being mentioned:

* House: entertaining at times. Chase is pretty, House and Cuddly funny, Wilson annoying, but the whole thing is just not good enough for me to bother downloading.

* Jim and Pam (Pam and Jim?): someone on helpwess's flist wrote a story about 'Jim' going down on 'Pam', iirc. Yeah, that's all I've got.

* Grey's Anatomy: Boring. Boring boring boring booooooring. Also, 95% of the cast is too fugly for me to bother with, and I can catch Roswell reruns to get my fills of the remaining 5%.

* CSI and pretty much any and all cop shows: I don't care about your ratings, you'll never beat Homicide. Please go away.

* The Office: I don't even have the slightest idea what that thing is. It could be about baby crocodiles eating bad employees for all I know.

* Prison Break: WENTWORTH MILLER. (Funny story: as we were watching PB on tv Thursday night, my mom turned to me and asked: "By the way, when is that show about the guy in prison with that tattoo airing again?" Or, in hindsight, probably not so much "funny" as "worrying".)

Random observation about the pilot: how adorable are JA and JP, always reacting a bit too late? It's all: *slams against the bridge* beat "Don't talk about her like that." Cringe-worthy, but adorable.
fandom break

a few letters

Dear Amazon Guys,

I take back every bad thing I said about you, and the raft you were supposed to send my dvds on. I'm sorry. I love you. Thank you for bringing me my DVDs two days before the best estimated date.



Dear LJ Friends,

I don't feel like LJing or emailing much right now. I'm sorry. I love you and your crack and your love of pretty, half naked guys. Please don't mind me, I'll be back in a few days.



Dear College Schedule guys,

You rock. Thank you for giving me my Monday, my Wednesday morning and my Friday afternoon for the first semester. And thank you so very, very much for letting me have a FREAKING FOUR DAYS WEEK-END during the second semester. You are the awesomest.

Rock on,


Dear Thomas Gibson,

I have a secret to tell you: I've had a gigantic crush on you for the last eight years. It started when you were young and pretty in Chicago Hope, went on when you were still as young and pretty in Dharma & Greg, and is still going strong now that you're not as young but still just as pretty in Criminal Minds. Marry me?

Thanks in advance,
the bride to be.


Dear TV guys who decide what TV movies to air on random channels,

Hi. Does your job has a name? I would like to sincerely thank you for airing not one, but two tv movies starring Thomas Gibson this past week. I'd already seen A Will of Their Own, but a four hours mini-serie with the man is never a bad thing, and Raising Waylon was everything I'd hoped for: corny, not funny and full of bad romance cliches, but with Thomas Gibson! Raising a kid!

You made my week, guys. Now how about re-airing some of those early Chicago Hope episodes?

I know you won't disappoint me,


Dear Jensen,

Please tell me you were paid a whole damn lot to wear this?

Not as much love as usual,


Why are my friends now called "Mateys"?

Also: am completely out of it. Owe comments and emails to way too many people, and I haven't even checked my flist since Friday. I will get to it, I swear.

But in the meantime, Collapse )

And I must say, I'm extremely sad the search "Cheerleader Jensen Ackles" turns up no hit. Are the pictures still around? Damn me for not saving them before the crash...


For the record, I would like to state that I NEVER WROTE JENSEN/JARED CRACK MPREG! LIES I TELL YOU, LIES! (Though I must say, for those who don't want to be too scarred, that at least this is completely PG rated.)

Someone obviously hijacked my account and wrote this in my place. And, I must add, whoever this person is shall not be held responsible, since she obviously felt coerced into writing this by txtequilanights and her boredom.

That is all.

*scrubs brain*

fb + porn = omg h8tt!

My SPN dvds are in Europe! Yay! Which means with a little luck, I'll have them before October's 6th.

On a completely unrelated subject, I'm curious as to what kind of feedback you lot leave for a story that is 90% sex. I just never know what to say, the same way I wouldn't know what to say if actors from that porn flick I watched the other day came up to me. Good job? You're very hot? The lightning in that scene was an interesting directing choice?

I mean, there just aren't that many reasons why I watch or read porn, you know, and it rarely has to do with the prose structure. And in the end, I think I'm apparently too much of a prude to tell someone I barely know that their story turned me on, and that I'd be saving it for the next time I was horny and alone.

Poll #821410 porn feedback

What type of feedback do you leave for PWPs?

Nothing, because I don't read that kind of stories. Did you know God killed a puppy every time you did?
Nothing. What exactly could I say?
There's always a few line of dialogue and the characterizations to comment on. And then I add "And very hot, too. ;p" at the end, because I'm clever like that.
Dude, you can leave an ambiguous comment like "You are the queen of porny wincest!" without telling her exactly why you enjoy her talent, you know?
I tell her I read it to my boyfriend while he jerked off to it. What's Internet for if not honesty and TMI?
he stole my candy!

put that burito down, sir

Several things:

+ Once you get past your twelve year old crush on Mel Gibson and your "omg this is so terrible" attitude on Martin being "omg suicidal", Lethal Weapon is kind of a boring movie. I remember being on the edge of my seat every time he acted insane because MAYBE HE WAS GOING TO KILL HIMSELF BECAUSE OMG SO TERRIBLE!!!, and now it's just: "What's up with the clown faces, dude?"

Though I do have to give them props for killing the girl in the sequel. That still rocks, even with the clown faces.

+ Have trimmed flist a bit, mostly people who haven't posted in weeks or who I barely talk to. If you're one of those and feel this is a great injustice, shout and we'll give it a second try.

+ Yesterday Christian Kane was on my tv AND NO ONE WARNED ME!! Dude, so, okay: you all (mostly) live in a different country, but a small detail like this shouldn't stop you! So. Close to Home. Should I make myself a note for next Wednesday, or is this miss-able? Because on one hand: Chris with a baby! But otoh: eh, boring cop show with maybe a two minute scene of CK, when I still have four seasons of Angel to go through in the next two weeks.

+ I was going through old stuff, CDs I burned months ago, and I found the Still Life pilot. And it's probably been around several times since I first uploaded it back in, umm, November or December 2005, but since it was small enough to upload quickly: have at it. Sendspace, 212 mb.

+ As far as spoilers go, since the majority of my flist has apparently read them today, all I will say is: I cannot stand the "I trust TPTB with my life and I know they won't let me down" mentality, because: Alias? Lost? X-Files? Buffy? And many, many more? That said, let's give the man a chance, here. From everything I've heard, I think there's a strong chance this season (at least the first part of it) will rock, even if some parts will be so-so.

+ Am a bad, bad girl and I've stayed away from mails and comments today, but I'll answer things tomorrow.