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marecagee's Journal

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17 January
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  • marecagee@livejournal.com
+ won a couple of Nobel prizes
+ modeled for Prada
+ had a brief fling with Lauren Ambrose
+ almost got married to Ewan McGregor
+ went back in time to produce Gone with the Wind. The first version was crap.
+ wrote a few bestsellers. Did you ever hear of a little book called Lord of the Rings?

In short: am awesome. You will be blinded by my perfectness and spend the rest of your life worshipping me. Don't worry, you won't be the only one.

Friend at will. If you defriend me, though, be aware that I will probably fall into a severe depression and attempt suicide, all because of you, so think carefully before you act.

Also: slash and RPS rock my world, Jensen Ackles is Pretty, Supernatural my new love, Boybands my guilty pleasures, and I fell in love with the Stargate universe more than a decade ago. But really: Jensen, Jared, CW RPS, Dean, Sam. That pretty much sums up this journal right now.

Recs can be found at the_watershed.

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